Commercial Services

Salmon Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant air handler installer

Whether you are looking to remodel, expand or repair your existing facility, Columbia Allied Services has the necessary experience and resources to perform your HVAC needs on time and on budget. We strive to take the hassle out of the building process by taking full responsibility for the success of your project, so that you can take care of your business.

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Commercial Projects

At Columbia Allied Services we are very experienced in commercial projects, such as tenant improvement and commercial renovation and remodeling for new businesses and existing businesses with new locations including restaurants, offices, retail stores or other businesses. We can turn empty or outdated spaces into modern, efficient and welcoming places of business.

High Standards

We feel that by setting high standards for quality, integrity and ethics, we can achieve the best possible results for a finished product that we can turn over to our customers, proudly and on time. With our philosophy of maintaining accurate cost controls, schedules and higher standards of quality for all our customers projects has allowed us the opportunity to assemble a very large customer base from which we are constantly expanding.

At Columbia Allied Services we believe that it is our job to not only deliver successful outcomes, but also a smooth, enjoyable process that respects all project owners’ investments.

If you’re looking for commercial improvements, give Columbia Allied Services a call at (360) 256-1024

We offer commercial services in Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Oregon and all surrounding areas.